Amazon Sync Module

Our Magento® 2 Extension allows merchants to integrate their Magento 2 Store with Amazon USA and Amazon Canada. With MageValue, you can synchronize your Magento 2 Store with Amazon, fetch your orders automatically, adjust Magento 2 stock and export shipment information!

Automatic Magento Sync

Our Magento 2 extension works automatically using Magento 2 Cron, with no end-user maintenance.

Fetch Amazon Orders

The extension fetches Amazon orders, creates the equivalent Magento 2 order, and adjusts Magento stock.

Amazon FBA Compatible

The MageValue Magento 2 Amazon extension is fully compatible with Amazon FBA services.

Export Shipment Details

Export shipment information to Amazon, including Carrier name, shipping date and tracking number.

Built with love

Clean Code

MageValue Amazon Sync extension was developed following strict Magento 2 standards, and it's fully compatible with Magento 2.x.

Creative Design

Each screen is carefully crafted to optimize its functionality and be self-explanatory designed with a Magento-like theme.

Pure & Simple

MageValue eliminates all Error-Prone Manual Processes and allows you to focus on just one platform, your Magento 2 backend!

Free Updates

Free updates and priority support are included with your Monthly plan!


Designed by expert Amazon sellers, our extension has useful features no other Magento 2 to Amazon extension has. Here're some of our top features:


Amazon Orders

Fetch Amazon Orders and create Magento 2 orders automatically. Our extension also adjusts Magento 2 stock accordingly.

Amazon Shipments

Export shipping information automatically to Amazon including shipping date, Carrier name and tracking number.

Amazon FBA

Our extension is fully compatible with Fulfillment by Amazon. It identifies FBA orders and creates them as completed in Magento 2.

Amazon Marketplaces

MageValue extension is compatible with Amazon USA as well as Amazon Canada. We'll add more marketplaces in the near future.

Automatic Sync

Automatically sync Magento 2 inventory once Magento 2 order and invoice is created.

Extensive Log

Every process our Extension runs is independently registered in a searchable Sales Log.

Coming Soon...

Exciting features currently under development!


Check out some Screenshots of our beautifully designed Magento 2 extension!


Read what Amazon expert Sellers are saying about MageValue's Amazon Sync Extension!

The MageValue Amazon Magento 2 extension is a great tool to manage our Amazon Sales. With a large daily Amazon order volume it's hard to keep everything synchronized. This is why we fully rely on MageValue extension to fetch Amazon Orders, create Magento Orders and keep shipping information exported to Amazon on time.


We offer a simple pricing structure for our Amazon Sync Extension, just one monthly flat rate fee. No limits, no hidden fees.


Amazon Business Module

  • Low Monthly Flat Rate Fee
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Priority Support
  • Free Updates
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